Unrelaible - Cozmicsoulfire

from The Dance & The Love

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Unrelaible(right here) Unrelaible..so very unrelaible....you...my love you were my love you were my love and brought me so much pain you deny it all I was history repeating you cannot be alone all you reflected in me is your destructive negativity so now I see Ch:Unrelaible,you're unrelaible baby that's what you're giving afraid I can't be your friend coz'I was your lover and you deny me don't wanna see it was right here with me (right here...it was right here....) Was I only needed to soothe your emotion was I only the substitute so you don't feel the frustration was that all the love there was love to do,without being true....ooooh... without being true Ch:unrelaible....etc... I must be crazy I must be crazy...to want you back with me... solo Unrelaible Baby!!! Ch:.....etc...right here...4x it was right here with me only you have to see..... Music&lyrics&produced by:Marianne Vedder copywright for CSFdeepinnerMusic ® 2000 cd:Cozmicsoulfire-We2are1 (dutch release ©2003) cd:Cozmicsoulfire-The Dance&the Love ©2005




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Unrelaible - Cozmicsoulfire
Unrelaible - Cozmicsoulfire
  • Unrelaible - Cozmicsoulfire

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