Sleep - Cozmicsoulfire

from The Dance & The Love

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Sleep I go to sleep Gods my witness how I dream of us every night it's my longing for being with you, so my heartbeat is waiting on you Ch: I go to sleep to dream of us oh sleep (sleep ahaha)I go to sleep to dream of you oh sleep Visions,images of heart concuering my mind a hot theme going on coz'you glow in my soul all we do is just flow..... away Flow away in the night ,you in my mind with you in my mind.... ch: I go to sleep You always give temptation Love your souls eruption there is no borderline Your energy flows in to mine you are my life.... To sleep to dream about the wildest places we could ever be,floating around the spaces in me,finding that key coz'you belong to me.... Music&lyrics&produced by Marianne Vedder/ CsfdeepinnerMusic ®2001 all rights reserved© Cd:Cozmicsoulfire-The Dance&the Love 2005




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Sleep - Cozmicsoulfire
Sleep - Cozmicsoulfire
  • Sleep - Cozmicsoulfire

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