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Naked in Hell I saw what happened I felt your pain I was crying with you Left out in the rain You know i´m strong I can carry it with you but you have to make decisions if we wanna get through CH: We are naked in hell remember baby pain is ya teacher the mind purifies by fear,the heart by betrayal the body with hunger the will by opposition oh pain is ya teacher so do not give up my baby My days are empty coz i cannot hear your voice My days are lonely coz i cannot see your sweet face But you know i´ll be your song do what you gotto do I trust in you,you know i do Singing my lonely tune now coz my love is like music it never ends like I said to you CH:we are naked in hell... So you know i understand where you are and what you go through but without pain,you know you can´t grow so baby do what you need to do if you want i come back to you Ch:we are naked in hell we are naked in hell naked in hell...oh oh we are hell lyrics and music M.Vedder 4 Cozmicsoulfire CSFdeepinnerMusic® 2006 4 Poison Album All rights reserved ©




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Naked in Hell - Cozmicsoulfire
Naked in Hell - Cozmicsoulfire
  • Naked in Hell - Cozmicsoulfire

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