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Look at me ( understand me now) CH: My scream gets lost and i´m bolted in my throat and harder and harder you driven me away my dream to live together really in love for sharin was shattered on the way...oh Look at me,oh i´m closing up on you persueing with my eyes babe Understand me now Understand me now coz i feel betrayed by you oh baby,baby Understand it now Understand me now I´m crying in fear of loosing cuz you were never really choosing so how could I ever reach you and you think I play games and you think oh I pile it on so you could never live this song CH: solo You don´t see what I do You don´t see how I´m I toil and moil and I lost myself within it your distrust puts me in a tight place do I really belong here with you? ....Oh! Ch:...etc2x Gotta go....... Music and Lyrics:Marianne Vedder for CSFdeepinnerMusic® 2006 for cd Poison due 2007 © original dutch songversion registered 2001 original lyrics `begrijp me nou`2001 written by Marianne Vedder and Mirre Verdenius




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Look at me - Cozmicsoulfire
Look at me - Cozmicsoulfire
  • Look at me - Cozmicsoulfire

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