i dont fall in love easy - Cozmicsoulfire

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don´t fall in love easy Feel me baby i am tormented i am scared baby and haunted by your image Don´t you hear me baby when i´m crying out your sweet name is my misery CH: I don´t fall in love easy but when i do,it´s completely so now i´m haunted my burning heart will always be waiting on you on you on you I´m the reason,you are the cause you promised me hell inhuman force Like a warrior i said i could take it all if it was from you i swore i would do it with you i´d conquer the world baby my flaming muse,flaming muse CH: i don´t fall....etc I´m a wanderer can not get involved I feel like a stranger in a world of love bridge and solo I cannot force the way things go I have to trust all is meant to be but like a twin flame your vibe is still leading the way and all i feel is You belong with me You belong with me Ch:2x lyrics and music by: Marianne Vedder for CSFdeepinnerMusic® 2007 All rights reserved ©




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i dont fall in love easy - Cozmicsoulfire
i dont fall in love easy - Cozmicsoulfire
  • i dont fall in love easy - Cozmicsoulfire

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