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Give me Ch:Give me,give me someone who cares for me 2x i´m sitting here...lonely...thinking where ever we´d go wrong 2x Go to your internet babe you said you´d call me a parasite well i don´t know but i´m left out in this conversation you say i always say no i don´t listen to you oh gimme a woman who really cares for me Ch: Give me,give me.... i´m not confused i´m not surprised and all these words you have used a 100 times before i´m in desillusion cuz you don´t love me no more you don´t wanna fight no more i´ve stopped convincing if your love ain´t enough you are not in to me,you really why you stay with me for such a long time,i can´t believe you were serious this time that you wanna leave but i... can believe Change is the only constant transformation,aknowledge the devil inside giving us variation to get control of our lives and we are never victims we hold it in our hands so i don´t keep silent to make you feel better regain your life and feel your power stop walking on eggchells cuz you have grown out of it and i have too Ch:Give me,give me your thruth and honesty and it hurts my baby Give me,give me someone who really cares for me 2x someone why should i wear a mask with you pretend something i don´t am feels offensive realize a lot of my emotions are best adapted,i shine a light Give me,give me someone who really cares for me 2x someone who really dares to be with me give me a woman,give a woman 4x who really cares (i´m worth it you see) who´s not scared to be with me who´s not scared of herself and be with me Music and Lyrics Marianne Vedder/Cozmicsoulfire CsfdeepinnerMusic® 2006 All rights reserved ©




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Give me - Cozmicsoulfire
Give me - Cozmicsoulfire
  • Give me - Cozmicsoulfire

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