13.Human highway - Cozmicsoulfire

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Human Highway (Save the planet!) Ch:I'm driving the human highway See chaos all around me Got to say The truly needy are beaten by the very greedy Don't matter if your human or animal or plant or tree or just a fool baby... Is this how we live on planet earth learning 'bout chaos and war day by day Should I go sideways or straight ahead Nothings original but artificial Like in childcare we stride so sad CH: I'm driving the human highway.... Is this how we use our planet earth Gen-tech food,I am not your garbage You get scared to explore all there is No one you can trust anymore So surviving is all we do in techno society Ch: 2x No forests to breathe on,pollution,intrusion,poverty Terrorists fanatic relegious activity Dolphins are crying Nature is dying is this our life on planet earth Nothing left for children but surviving Ch:.....This is how I see the human race This is how I see we're living on the planet (the planet,the planet!) Lyrics and music&production by Marianne Vedder/ CSFdeepinner Music ® 2004 cd:Cozmicsoulfire-The Dance&the Love 2005© All rights reserved.




All Rights Reserved
13.Human highway - Cozmicsoulfire
13.Human highway - Cozmicsoulfire
  • 13.Human highway - Cozmicsoulfire

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