10.We2are1 - Cozmicsoulfire

from The Dance & The Love

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We2are1 we 2 are 1..... In the center of the light I find you squeezing me tight hooked on same energy flowing between you and me Ch:We 2 are 1....we 2 are 1...baby...baby.... there is only delight helping us trough... transformation baby on the lightnin'path of love we 2 are one...3x...baby... there for us to find extasy rolling on the fire crawling down your spine my tongue to intertwine (circle of electricity) (one soul,one body,one energy) (we 2 are 1...) Ch:We 2 are 1 there is only delight...etc... Love...love one soul,one body,one energy we 2 are 1 repeat chorus Looooooooooooove!!!!! Music&lyrics&production by Marianne Vedder /CSFdeepinnerMusic® © 2003 cd:Cozmicsoulfire-We2are1 (dutch release ©2003) cd:Cozmicsoulfire-The dance &the love ©2005




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10.We2are1 - Cozmicsoulfire
10.We2are1 - Cozmicsoulfire
  • 10.We2are1 - Cozmicsoulfire

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