03.Mirrors in reflection-Cozmicsoulfire

from The Dance & The Love

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Mirrors in reflection I put this little woman in my heart Save her 4 myself 4 better times I desperatly need to make this start before I'm blown away with the tides I can see everything is changing you and me trying to improve our wounded souls I wanna get rid of all my bounderies you wanna get rid of all those bad memories Ch: Mirror,mirror in reflection All those things return in to you Mirror,mirror give a direction Chasing 4 love to realize too Still my love it's so hard to do When you are near I see myself in you and my implosive regression anger and projection,is not 4 you I can feel you're standing next to me go right through distance with your love heal my wounded soul and with your touch you cure my heart,but still... Ch: There is a Mirror in reflection...etc We try to get it clear 4 ourselves it's getting closer every day forgiveness of the real soul harm done hey now I can reach you (now I can reach you) So I put my little lonely child before the window of your wounds give her hope 4 a lightened love with you with you with me with me Music&lyrics&production by Marianne Vedder ©1992/2001 CSFdeepinnerMusic ®




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03.Mirrors in reflection-Cozmicsoulfire
03.Mirrors in reflection-Cozmicsoulfire
  • 03.Mirrors in reflection-Cozmicsoulfire

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