About Us

Singer,songwriter&producer Sings all voices, plays guitar,keyboards & synthesisers, percussion and produces her sounds,samples&video and digital cd's trough her own independent label CSFdeepinnerMusic. In writing the lyrics Cozmicsoulfire tries to keep it close to herself and her experiences in life . She is an Artist Empath and a confessional story writer, one who creates their own reality and infuses the realities of others with their energy & emotions. Poetic and sensitive. Turning her feelings into a kaleidoscope of songs and share them with the world. Everything she touches turns in to melody , her spirit dances with the tides and winds and paints music like expressionistic pictures you can rock on! She is an artist that has traversed a multitude of genres, and has pioneered in her Art. She has a beautiful deep rich mezzo-soprano with wide range and own sound. What she makes defenately is an original take on catchy power rock and metal ,belting out ferocious, passionate melodies while distorted power chords ring out the beautiful and unusual compositions and the good rhythmic, the terrific guitar, and the magnificent vocals. Sound and very well-kept arrangement in a beautiful and long musical journey...refreshingly unconcerned with trends.

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